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published on 06/03/2017 (News)

Strong of its 10 edition expertise, the ESVB innovate this year on several aspects! The first one is the organization of a complete satellite event held on 12th of October in the city center of Strasbourg. This satellite event proposes its 2nd edition of an Endovascular Simulation Bootcamp allowing trainees to train with international & renowned vascular surgeons as supervisors. The uniqueness of this edition rely on the new ...

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published on 06/02/2017 (News)

To begin 2017 with great news and a will of impacting even more the field of endovascular medicine, a partnership was signed between the ESVS and the ESVB. Last month, during the ESVS Spring Meeting in Leiden, The Netherlands, this partnership made one step forward!
Indeed, the ESVB represented by Pr. Nabil Chakfe awarded to a promising young researcher a full grant covering trip to Strasbourg and an all-inclusive package for a 3-days pass, accommodation, a congress book and the ...

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published on 09/01/2017 (News)

The ESVB will celebrate its 10th edition from 12th to 14th of October in the convention center of Strasbourg! It will be the occasion to share about the latest trends in the field and discuss many topics including

• Durability of vascular and endovascular devices,
• Latest trends in per-operative imaging technologies,
• Tissue, plaque and vessel wall properties and endovascular technologies
• Expert updates on latest endovascular surgery 

For this special edition, the ESVB innovates and ...

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Sophie Pluquet, Speaker Coordinator

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