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published on 21/07/2017 (News)

It is with a tremendous enthusiasm the organizing team of ESVB2017 received its first abstract submission for the young researcher prize! You didn’t submit yours yet for this special edition of the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials? Don’t worry, we got your back!

Improve your public speaking and data presentation skills. Get the chance to earn up to 1500€ and receive a 200€ cashback on your registration fee.
Check the guidelines, the application process and...

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published on 18/07/2017 (News)

You are curious about the materials you use in your daily practice and their durability? Join the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials from October 12 to October 14 and make sure to attend the keynotes from:
  • Martin King on “Factors influencing in vivo textile durability”
  • Frederic Heim on “Textile/Stent interactions. Can we...

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published on 07/07/2017 (News)

Are you thinking about applying for the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials? Are you still unsure about submitting your abstract or not? For this 10th edition, we are here to help you, with 5 reasons to NOT apply for Young Researcher prize!
1) Not getting inspired
3 days of a congress with the Key Opinion Leaders in the field of vascular biomaterials sharing their discoveries, their work and the evolution of vascular biomaterials. This could be a precious source of inspiration and might help you with your research work evolution. Sure you want to miss that?
2) Avoiding to develop skills
Presenting your own work or taking a chance to...

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published on 06/07/2017 (News)

Our latest newsletter is out! Make sure to not miss any information and feel free to subscribe here. Get the latest updates about this 10th edition, discover our partner’s ESVS and SOLACI opportunities and find all logistics information on our newsletter.
In this newsletter, you will find the preliminary program and speakers list, the opportunities for young researchers as well as information on satellite event. You will also get some logistic information on the symposium and finally you...

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published on 05/07/2017 (News)

Offered for the first time at this year’s Annual Meeting in Lyon, the ESVS Academy represents the largest educational programme offered in the Society’s history, with more than 30 workshops, led by 80 convenors.
Attend one or several workshops, high-level seminars or roundtables. Learn, practice and improve your skills in decision-making and...

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published on 05/07/2017 (News)

Do not miss the largest gathering of interventional cardiologists in Latin America!
  • Live case demonstrations with cutting edge technology.
  • Live in a box cases.
  • Academic discussion and integration with other specialities.
  • Structural heart disease interventions.
  • Innovations for peripheral interventions.
  • Training village for TAVI planning, mitral interventionist...

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published on 28/06/2017 (News)

Past week-end, the ESVB organizing team attended the XXXII congress of the SCVE – Société de Chirurgie Vasculaire et Endovasculaire de Langue Française – in Toulouse. It was a great opportunity to share about the congress, meet numerous well-known French speaking surgeons, but also big companies in the field like Medtronic, Cook Medical, Bioprotec, Therenva…
Many young researchers from Strasbourg University Hospital and Geprovas collaborators presented their work:
  • Pr Yannick Georg on “Contribution to the study of thoracic endoprothesis compliance”
  • MD Bettina Chesseneau on “Endoprothesis: Influence of design on crimping linked degradation”
  • MD Charline Delay on...

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published on 27/06/2017 (News)

Still unsure about joining the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials in Strasbourg next October? Well, who knows, the ESVB might be the place where the next breaking invention in the field can be thought! Imagine, hundreds of vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and scientist in one place sharing their passion and ideas around one common goal, improving vascular biomaterials to give the best care to patient and lead progress in the field!
Strasbourg is a well-known home of inventions, from Gutenberg printing in 1450 to...

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published on 26/06/2017 (News)

The ESVB is happy to announce its communication partnership with the SOLACI – Sociedad Latinoamericana de cardiologia intervencionista. This partnership will allow us to initiate strong relations with Latin American surgeons, radiologists, industries.
The SOLACI will hold its congress SOLACI CACI 2017 from August 2 to 4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Open to ...

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published on 19/06/2017 (News)

The ESVB always dedicated a special place for young researchers! This 10th edition does not make any exception to it!
In 2017, the Young researcher prize will award the 4 best communications and an innovation contest will promote the emergence of new technologies in the field. To celebrate this edition and encourage the new generation, the ESVB organizers decided to offer a...

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