Are you thinking about applying for the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials? Are you still unsure about submitting your abstract or not? For this 10th edition, we are here to help you, with 5 reasons to NOT apply for Young Researcher prize!
1) Not getting inspired
3 days of a congress with the Key Opinion Leaders in the field of vascular biomaterials sharing their discoveries, their work and the evolution of vascular biomaterials. This could be a precious source of inspiration and might help you with your research work evolution. Sure you want to miss that?

2) Avoiding to develop skills
Presenting your own work or taking a chance to speak publicly during a scientific congress will help you to develop key skills. Key skills for you career as well as skills for your everyday life as such as delivering a message with clarity, conciseness, presenting data properly, managing stress, as well as visual and verbal communication. It makes you a good public speaker! Do you really think you can afford to miss that? 
3) Skipping an opportunity to build your professional network
A scientific congress is an opportunity to reach a unique audience. Get the chance to interact with your peers as well as key opinion leaders. Why not find your next collaborators? Or don't, it's your call… 
4) Slowing down your career
Everyone will agree, that expanding your network and growing your skills are inherently vital for your career development. Doing any presentation (visual or oral) in a scientific congress will not only help you to achieve these goals but also boost your career with an extra note in your resume as well as providing a platform to connect with peers. 
5) Missing the chance to get a 200€ cashback on the ESVB registration fees
Yes! If you are selected for a visual or an oral communication for this special edition of the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, you will get the chance to receive a 200€ cashback on the ESVB registration fees. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss that?

If despite these 5 reasons, you still want to apply, you have until July 31 to submit your abstract!

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Location of the Symposium:

Palais des Congrès / PMC
Place de Bordeaux - Wacken, Strasbourg
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Symposium Operational Organizer
Nathalie Couvreur
Congress Manager

Tel. +33 (0)6 71 56 02 60

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Bénédicte Fritsch - STRASBOURG EVENTS
Tel. +33 (0)3 88 37 21 38
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