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published on 28/06/2019 (News)

Great news! We are compliant with the Medtech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practices.

This initiative in the healthcare industry is a “centralised decision-making system that encourages transparency and consistency in medical education events and alleviates the complex administrative burden previously faced by MedTech Europe and Mecomed members, who were constrained to make their own determinations on whether or not a third-party educational event they wished to provide support to was compliant with the associations’ respective Codes” (Source: Conference Vetting System).

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published on 05/03/2019 (News)

Unsure about joining the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials in Strasbourg next October? The ESVB 2019 comes with plenty of surprises and new features – including new premises.

With a bright Innovation hall, an auditorium at the cutting edge of technology, additional spacious rooms, located in the recently renovated area of the Strasbourg Convention + Exhibition Center, these new premises meet the requirements of the new ESVB layout and will offer to the symposium a...

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published on 26/02/2019 (News)

For this special “10+1” edition, the ESVB 2019 is evolving to a more inclusive symposium. Gathering many stakeholders of vascular surgery and biomaterials, the ESVB will see for the very first time the organization of a specific event dedicated to vascular surgery nurses and their uniqueness. This special event will take place on October, Friday 18th in our new premises and will...

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published on 19/02/2019 (News)

After a previous edition focusing on the durability of vascular and endovascular devices, the latest trends in per-operative imaging technologies, tissue, plaque and vessel wall properties and endovascular technologies as well as the expert updates on latest endovascular technologies...

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published on 12/02/2019 (News)

Unsure about joining the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials in Strasbourg next October? Braces, yourselves, the #ESVB2019 is coming in a brand new layout!

After a successful 10th edition, the ESVB is evolving to be even more inclusive, accessible and fostering new collaborations to improve patient care and safety. Gathering a growing number of key players in the field of vascular surgery and biomaterials – vascular surgeons...

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published on 02/11/2017 (News)

Saturday, October 14, Marco PINTORE, president of Alsace BioValley had the privilege to award SimforHealth the ESVB 2017 Innovation Prize. 

This promising start-up is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions for improving the training of healthcare professionals. The company works alongside faculties, medical schools, and training organizations to... 

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published on 31/10/2017 (News)

You were waiting for them since a few days! The #pictures from #ESVB2017 are online at www.esvb.net/gallery ! Experience again all the greatest moments of the 10th edition of the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials &...

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published on 27/10/2017 (News)

Congratulations to Jeremie JAYET!
Jeremie JAYET received the first Young Researcher Prize for his work on « Experimental in situ laser fenestration creates immediate substantial textile damages ». Jeremie JAYET is currently a vascular resident based in Paris, France. He was awarded with...

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published on 25/10/2017 (News)

During the 10th edition of the European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, Paolo SPADA had a great talk on « Should we share pre-operative EVAR planning in a community? »
Paolo SPADA – Milano, Italy – is a vascular and endovascular surgeon at the Humanitas Research Hospital, and founder of EVAR Planning. During this 10th edition, he presented a study which aims...

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published on 23/10/2017 (News)

Thank You for attending ESVB 2017

It was a great pleasure to welcome you to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace and a hub of vascular surgery, with René LERICHE and René FONTAINE for this 10th edition. This event was a real success in terms of scientific gathering, new collaborations and projects launched.
Each and every one of you...

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