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The poster and Young Researcher Prize sessions aim at presenting the research works of young PhD and/or fellows in order to support and boost research in the field of vascular biomaterials. Since 1999, the ESVB scientific committee has started the «Young Researcher Prize» to recognize innovative and outstanding research work of young researchers early in their careers, in the field of vascular biomaterials.

Jury Member

Marc Garbey, M.D, PhD, University of Houston, USA
Jean Bismuth, M.D., Methodist, Houston, USA
Frédéric Heim, M.S, PhD, LPMT, Mulhouse, France
Philippe Kolh, M.D, PhD, University of Liège, Belgium
Gaetan Laroche, PhD, Laval University, Québec, Canada
Wolfgang Meichelboeck, VP Marketing international, LeMaitre Vascular, Munich, Germany
Francesco Migliavacca, M.S, PhD,Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Jean-Baptiste Ricco, M.D, PhD, University of Poitier, France
To participate to this prize session, researchers should be less than 35 years old.
The deadline to submit your application is July 31th, 2015.
Abstracts should be prepared as following to be submitted for review:
• An English language abstract
• in the terminology familiar to specialists.
• The text should be succinct and substantive (500 words max).
• Beside presenter’s full names and affiliations, the abstract must include: Introduction, Objective/Goal, Methods, Results, Conclusion and 2 figures in jpeg format (300 dpi, Quadrichromic MCYB).
After consideration and selection by the scientific committee,
you will be notified by the end of August if your submitted abstract is considered for the YRP session or for poster only. The abstracts selected for the YRP session will be published in the ESVB conference book.

The total award of € 3000 will be shared among the 3 best communications made by a young researcher or a young medical physician in the field of vascular biomaterials.
The communication will be rated by a jury during the Young Researcher Prize session on site. For the first time in 2015, the best poster presentation will be awarded. 
1st prize endorsed by the "Ville de Mulhouse": € 1500
2nd prize endorsed by the "Eurométropole de Strasbourg" : € 1000
3th prize endorsed by the "Université de Haute Alsace" : € 500
Poster prize endorsed by the "Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire" : € 300

The total award of € 3300 will be shared among the 4 best communications made by a young researcher or a young medical physician in the field of vascular biomaterials.

Previous winners of ESVB Young researcher prize
PhD, Student at University Hospital Aachen, Germany
“The Biostent-Novel concept of a viable stent structure”.
PhD student at University College of London
“Finite element testing in patients of a new percutaneous pulmonary valve device”.
PhD, student at CRIB - Interdisciplinary Research Center on Biomaterials, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
“Drug eluting stents : novel approach for multifactorial controlled release”.

Sébastien FRANCOIS
PhD, student at Surface Engineering Laboratory, Laval University, Quebec, Canada
“Effect of textile micro-texture on the adhesion and proliferation of endothelial cells”.
Silvia SCHIEVANO - Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College of London, London, UK
“Rapid prototyping into the study of percutaneous valved stent implantation”.

Location of the Symposium:

Palais des Congrès / PMC
Place de Bordeaux - Wacken, Strasbourg
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Organization contact:

Symposium Operational Organizer
Julie Papillon, PhD - GEPROVAS
Congress Manager

Nathalie Couvreur, Congress assistant
Tel. +33 (0)6 71 56 02 60

Online Registration and hotel booking
Bénédicte Fritsch - STRASBOURG EVENTS
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