Together with our Scientific Committee we have defined an interesting 2019 conference program which is organized around 6 main sessions:

> Robotics, non-X-Ray guidance, and latest trends in per-operative imaging technologies
> Updates in endovascular surgery: Aortic and Peripheral
> Venous diseases
> 3D printing technologies in vascular surgery
> International research networks in vascular surgery
> The near future

Endovascular Simulation Bootcamp in assocition with  

Translational Research Meeting in assocition with

Journée des infirmières

Translational Research
Journée des infirmières
ESVB Friday
ESVB Saturday
Endovascular Simulation Bootcamp in assocition with   
Thursday October 17, 2019
 07:45  Welcome
 08:00  Lectures in VSSTC
 08:00  TBD Needs for education starting endovascular programs
 08:15  Malachi SHEAHAN Role of hands-on models to improve surgical skills in vascular surgery
 08:30  Yannick GEORG Presentation of the Bootcamp program
 08:40  Workshops : Pratical session on simulators
 12:00  Lunch on site
 12:45  Workshops : Pratical session on simulators
 17:15  Conclusion remarks
 18:00  End of the Bootcamp
 19:30  Faculty dinner at "La Chaîne d'Or"  

10 Workshops - 20 Participants
• Suturing anastomosis end-to-end side
• Suture Circle

• Sizing
• usion Maze Box Competition

Experience simulation like you never did before. In the brand new Education Center of GEPROVAS you will train in immersive, fully- simulated surgical suite and get a unique feedback with innovative monitoring solutions.

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Translational Research Meeting  in assocition with   
Thursday October 17, 2019
 08:00  Welcome
 08:20  Introduction
 08:30  Session 1 : Abstracts Young Researcher Prize
 12 talks
 09:54  Coffee break  
 10:19  Invited Lecture 1: Renu VIRMANI  
 10:24  Session 2 : Abstracts Young Researcher Prize
 12 talks
 12:06  Invited Lecture 2: TDB
 13:06  Lunch on site
 14:06  Textile symposium - 4 x Round table  
   Gaetan BROCHU - Québec, Canada Textiles for hernia repair
   T.B. WISSING - Eindhoven, The Netherlands New non-woven fibers obtained from supra molecular polymers
   Lu WANG Potential of braided stents
   Frédéric HEIM - Mulhouse, France Medical textiles: potential and limits
 15:51  Session 3 : Abstracts Young Researcher Prize
 12 talks
 17:08  Invited Lecture 3: TDB
 17:33  End of the Meeting
 19:30  Faculty dinner at "La Chaine d'Or"

Organization Committee:

  Renu VIRMANI : Honorary President

  Frédéric HEIM - Mulhouse, France
 Ulf HEDIN - Stockolm, Sweden

 Francesco MIGLIAVACCA - Milan, Italy

 Melina VEGA DE CENIGA - Bizkaia, Spain
  Paul QUAX - Leiden, The Netherlands

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Journée des infirmières
Vendredi 18 octobre 2019
  En français / This event will be held in French.

 08:30  Accueil
 09:05  Introduction
 09:10  Le rôle de l’Infirmière et de l’IBODE au Bloc Opératoire :
 l’importance d’un dossier complet du patient
 09:45  Identitovigilance / aspect Medico légal
 10:15  HypnoVR
 10:50 Pause
 11:20  Matériovigilance au Bloc opératoire
 12:20  Respect des règles d’hygiène et d’asepsie en salle  
 Augmenter la qualité des soins avec de la simulation
 13:00  Déjeuner sur place
 14:00  Analyse d’explants
 14:30  Radioprotection au Bloc Opératoire
 15:15  Prise en charge d’un patient en pré/BO/post op/ retour à domicile d’une chirurgie artérielle pour :
   - Chirurgie Aorto/ilio fémorale
 - Voie chirurgicale conventionnelle
 - Par endoprothèse
 - Par coelioscopie
 Autre prise en charge d’un patient en pré/BO/post op/ retour à domicile d’une chirurgie artérielle pour :
   - Chirurgie des artères des MI
 - Voie chirurgicale (pontage in situ, éversion, prothèse)
 16:45  Pause
 17:00  Autre prise en charge d’un patient en pré/BO/post op/ retour à domicile d’une chirurgie artérielle pour :
   - Chirurgie pour les créations d’abord de dialyse
 - Fistules arterio veineuses
 - Anse de bras/cuisse
 - Rôle de l’infirmière et PEC du patient dyalisé
 Autre prise en charge d’un patient en pré/BO/post op/ retour à domicile d’une chirurgie artérielle pour :
   - Chirurgie carotidienne
 - Voie chirurgicale conventionnelle
 - Voie endoluminale
 18:30  Fin de journée
 20:00  Diner du Congrès

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ESVB Conference
Friday October 18, 2019

 07:30  Registration
 08:30  Opening remarks
 08:35  When computers replace surgeons !
 Session 1 moderated by Nabil CHAKFE, Jean BISMUTH, Jason T. LEE
 08:35  Jean BISMUTH - Houston, USA Robotics in endovascular surgery: where did we stand and what do we need?
 08:43  Fabien THAVEAU - Strasbourg, France Robotics in vascular surgery: Where do we stand and what do we need?
 08:51  Michel DE MATHELIN - Strasbourg, France Fundamentals to understand robotics in medical field
 08:59  Juliette RAFFORT - Nice, France What Clinicians should know about artificial intelligence
 09:07  Nicholas WHARTON - MedicalMetrics Imaging and artifical intelligence
 09:15  Fabien LAREYRE - Nice, France Automated segmentation to evaluate post-operative EVAR follow-up
 09:23  Dimitri AMIRAS - London, UK Augmented reality for vascular reconstructions
 09:31  Jason T. LEE - Stanford, USA Take Home Message #1
 09:36  Discussion
 09:51  Fluids and pipes !
 Session 2 moderated by Frédéric HEIM, Scott BERCELI, Mauro GARGULIO
 09:51  Alberto FIGUEROA - Ann Arbor, USA Hemodynamic consequences of branched thoracic endografts in the arch
 09:59  Haikan ROOS - Gothenburg, Sweden Hemodynamic in EVAR iliac limbs
 10:07  Murray SHAMES - Tampa, USA An overview on the different endovascular designs to treat thoraco-abdominal aneurysms
 10:15  Santi TRIMARCHI - Milan, Italia Report on migration/drag forces after TEVAR in the proximal and distal thoracic aorta
 10:23  Jason T. LEE - Stanford, USA Dynamic geometric changes in the aorta: implications for TEVAR and branch grafts
 10:31  Scott BERCELI - Gainesville, USA  Take Home Message #2
 10:36  Discussion
 10:51  Coffee break
 11:21  Satellite Symposium #1 and #2  
 Young Researcher Prize #1
 Moderated by
 12:51  Lunch on site
 13:51  Satellite Symposium #3  
 New technologies should not lead to radiation-induced surgeons extinction !
 Session 3 moderated by Lars LÖNN, Sjirk BOON
 14:11  Adrien HERTAULT - Valenciennes, France Irradiation in cathlabs and operating theater, where the differences stand?
 14:19  Cécile SALVAT, ASN - Paris, France French guidelines on radiation prevention in operative rooms
 14:27  Joost VAN HERWARDEN - Utrecht, The Netherlands Reducing radiation in vascular procedures. Intraoperative management
 14:35  Alexander MASSMANN - Hombourg/Saar, Germany Future requirements for MRI guided endovascular interventions
 14:43  Sjirk BOON - Philips How a company can influence the patients and staff radiation exposure
 14:51  TDB Take Home Message #3
 14:59  Discussion  
 15:04  Looking into the crystal ball !
 Session 4 moderated by Murray SHAMES, Gert de BORST, Jost van HEERWARDEN
 15:04  Lars LÖNN - Copenhagen, Denmark What can physicians expect from deep learning in daily practice
 15:12  Pascal De TULLIO - Liege, Belgium Metabolomics toward a personalized therapy in vascular diseases
 15:20  Jinhyun JOH - Seoul, Corea Can we compare aorto-iliac disease in eastern and western countries?
 15:28  Hendrick von TENGG-KOBLIGK - Basel, Switzerland Machine learning in clinical decision-making for abdominal aortic aneurysms
 15:36  Ulf HEDIN - Stockholm, Sweden Imaging to predict stroke risk in carotid disease: vascuCAP
 15:44  Jean-Noël ALBERTINI - Saint-Etienne, France Hox to predict endograft placement in complex anatomies
 15:52  Gert De BORST - Utrecht, The Netherlands Take home message #4
 16:00  Discussion
 16:05  Coffee break
 If we have arteries, we need also veins !
 Session 5 moderated by Olivier HARTUNG, Jean-Baptiste RICCO
 16:20  Lim CHUN - London, UK Mechanical characteristics of venous stents
 16:27  Sean CHAMBERS - USA Optimal design of prosthetic venous valves
 16:34  Prakash SAHA - London, UK Venous Imaging for aging of venous thrombosis
 16:41  David RIGBERG - Los Angeles, USA   IVUS versus venogram for central venous occlusive disease
 17:48  Olivier HARTUNG - Marseille, France Take home message #5
 17:55  Discussion
 16:58  Beware and don’t be nervous, we are all in the scope !
 Session 6
moderated by Nabil CHAKFE, Wolfgang MEICHELBOECK, Gert de BORST
 16:58  Chloé HECKETSWEILER - Le Monde - Paris, France Why grand reporters wanted to know more and what did they find
 17:06  Gael GRIMANDI - Nantes, France Does material surveillance make devices safer?
 17:14  Stephan HAULON - Le Plessis-Robinson, France The physician point of view
 17:22  Jean SIBILIA - Strasbourg France Industry support and independance in surgical education  
 17:30  Catherine TRAUTMANN - Strasbourg, France Ethics and political choices
 17:38  Discussion  
 17:46  Conclusion Remarks
 17:54  Time off / Refresh
 19:30  Transport to dinner
 20:00  Dinner and elevator Strat-up
 23:00  Transport to hotel

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ESVB Conference
Saturday October 19, 2019

 08:00  Registration
 08:30  Opening remarks
 08:35  Magnificent SFA, who are you actually?
 Session 7 moderated by Julian SCOTT, Raphaël COSCAS, Carlo SETACCI
 08:35  Alice FINOTELLO - Genoa, Italia Finite element simulations of popliteal stenting and knee bending following the analysis framework
 08:43  Giancarlo PENNATI - Italia SFA Hemodynamics: state of the art and future trends
 08:51  Gert De BORST - Utrecht, The Netherlands High Frequency ultrasound for plaques debulking
 08:59  Jeorg TESSAREK - Lingen, Germany New technologies and trends on the last 2 years. A critical appraisal
 09:07  Philippe KOLH - Liege, Belgium Global Vascular Guidelines, Connecting the proposed classifications to basic science knowledge
 09:15  Julian SCOTT - Leeds Take Home Message #7
 09:23  Discussion
 09:28  Young Researcher Prize #2
 09:43  Satellite Symposium #5 and #6  
 10:13  Coffee break  
 10:43  Rebel SFA, technology will take care of you !
 Session 8 moderated by Gert De BORST, Renu VIRMANI, Jorg TESSAREK
 10:43  Nicolas BLANCHEMAIN - Lille, France Review on the different concepts of drug-eluting stents
 10:51  Raphaël COSCAS - Boulogne, France Paclitaxel embolization risk from drug-eluting technologies
 10:59  Lu WANG - Shanghai, China Polymer braided stents technologies
 11:07  Paul SANTERRE - USA New polymers for better devices
 11:15  Robert TRANQUILLO - USA Tissue engineered vessels, the gel approach
 11:23  Soo Hyun KIM - Seoul, Corea Tissue engineered vessels, the fibrous scaffolds
 11:31  Renu VIRMANI - Gathesburg, USA Take Home Message #8
 11:36  Discussion
 Elevator Start-up - Prize
 12:06  Lunch on site
 13:06  Looking inside the wall !
 Session 9 moderated by Mauro GARGULIO, Mickael OHANA, Arindam CHAUDURI
 13:06  Xiang LI - Vienna, Austria Future in functional imaging of the aortic wall
 13:14  Pim De JONG - Utrecht, The Netherlands Calcifications in aortic pathologies
 13:22  Renu VIRMANI - Gathesburg, USA Pathology of Explanted peripheral artery analysis and role of calcification
 13:30  Gianandrea PASQUINELLI - Bologna, Italia Calcification / Latest data (wall stenting induced + device related / mechanisms)
 13:38  Arindam CHAUDHURI - Bedford, UK Is a screw pull in the aortic wall safe ?
 13:46  Mauro GARGULIO - Bologna, Italy Take Home Message #9
 13:51  Discussion
 14:06  Satellite Symposium #7 and #8
 14:21  Gutenberg invented printing in Strasbourg !
 Session 10 moderated by Ulf HEDIN, Guillaume JOERGER, Malachi SHEAHAN
 14:21  Michele CONTI - Pavia, Italia Effectiveness of 3D printed models in the treatment of complexaortic diseases
 14:29  Tal AVZIZ Industrial requirements in 3D printing
 14:37  Joaquin CIURANA - Girona, Spain 3D-printed PCL/PLA composite stents
 14:45  TDB 3D cells printing
 14:53  Ulf HEDIN - Stockholm, Sweden  Take Home Message #10
 14:57  Discussion  
 15:09  Do not stay alone !
 Session 11 moderated by Nabil CHAKFE, Frédéric HEIM, Gert de BORST, Wolfgang MEICHELBOEK
 15:09  Anne LEJAY - Strasbourg, France GEPROVAS, an international collaborative network for explants analysis
 15:17  Gert De BORST - Utrecht, The Netherlands The ECAA registry
 15:23  Kevin MANI - Uppsala, Sweden The VASCUNET registry
 15:28  Cristina LOPEZ ESPADA - Valencia, Spain An example of VASCUNET project: VASCUNExplant
 15:33  Olivier GOEAU-BRISSONNIERE - Boulogne, France DATAVASC, An example of national registry
 15:38  Hugo TALBOT - Strasbourg, France The SOFA Consortium, an open-source software platform for medical simulation
 15:44  Nabil CHAKFE - Strasbourg, France Take Home Message #11
 15:52  Discussion  
 15:55  Conclusion remarks
 16:05  End of the ESVB 2019

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