Conference >  Preliminary Program 2019
Together with our Scientific Committee we have defined an interesting 2019 conference program which is organized around 6 main sessions:
> Robotics, non-X-Ray guidance, and latest trends in per-operative imaging technologies
• Robotics in vascular surgery: Where do we stand and what do we need?

• Robotics in endovascular surgery: Where do we stand and what do we need?

• Imaging to predict carotid disease: Vascucap.

• Irradiation in cathlabs and operating theater, where the differences stand?

• Reducing radiation in vascular procedures. Electromagnetic tracking.

• Reducing radiation in vascular procedures. Intraoperative management.

• Reduction radiation in vascular procedures. MRI guidance.

• Robotics, non-X-Ray guidance, and latest trends in per-operative imaging technologies.

• Should MRI become the new gold-standard for vascular disease diagnosis and prognosis?

> Updates in endovascular surgery:
• Hemodynamic consequences of branched thoracic endografts in the arch.
• Hemodynamic consequences of branched thoraco-abdominal endografts in the visceral plaque.
• Future in functional imaging of the aortic wall.
• Calcifications in aortic pathologies.
• Can we compare aorto-iliac disease in eastern and western countries?
• Hemodynamic in EVAR iliac limbs.

• Pathology of Explanted peripheral artery analysis and role of calcification.
• Polymer braided stents technologies.
• Stent deformation in the superficial femoral artery.
• Paclitaxel embolization risk from drug-eluting balloons.
• Finite element simulations of popliteal stenting and knee bending following the analysis framework.
• Global Vascular Guidelines, connecting the proposed classifications to basic science knowledge.
• High frequency for plaques debulking.
• New technologies and trends on the last 2 years. A critical appraisal.
• Polymer braided stents technologies.
• Review on the different concepts of drug-eluting stents.
• SFA Hemodynamics: state of the art and future trends.
• Polymer braided stents technologies.
• Oversizing and effect on restenosis.

> Venous diseases
• State of the art on animal models for deep venous thrombosis.
• Optimal design of prosthetic venous valves.
• IVUS versus venogram for central venous occlusive disease.
• Venous Imaging for aging of venous thrombosis.

> 3D printing technologies in vascular surgery
• Effectiveness of 3D printed models in the treatment of complex aortic diseases.
• 3D-printed PCL/PLA composite stents.
• Industrial requirements in 3D printing.
• Why do we propose pre-operative training on 3D printed models?
• Bioinks in 3D-printing.
• 3D cells printing.
• Design of a pulsatile fresh frozen human cadaver circulation model for endovascular training.
• Why do we propose pre-operative training on 3D printed models?

> International research networks in vascular surgery
• GEPROVAS, an international collaborative network for explants analysis.
• Explants analysis, the company point of view.
• The ECAA registry.
• The VASCUNET registry.
• The SOFA Consortium, an open-source software platform for medical simulation.
• DATAVASC, an example of national registry.

> The near future
• What can physicians expect from deep learning in daily practice.
• Metabolomics toward a personalized therapy in vascular diseases.
• Toward a patient-specific tissue engineered vascular graft.
• Machine learning in clinical decision-making for abdominal aortic aneurysms.
• Non-woven melt blown vs electrospun textiles: the battle.
• New polymers for better devices.    
• Tissue engineered vessels, the collagen layers.    
• Tissue engineered vessels, the gel approach.
• Tissue engineered vessels, the fibrous scaffolds.

Journée des infirmières  Nurses in Vascular Surgery Meeting     

En français / This event will be held in French.

La consultation infirmière en chirurgie vasculaire / Nurse consultation in vascular surgery
Radioprotection au bloc / Radiation protection in OR
Surveillance post op des anévrismes de l’aorte abdominale / Follow-up of the operated abdominal aortic aneurysms
Spécificités de l’infirmière de bloc en chirurgie vasculaire / Vascular surgery OR nurses’ uniqueness
Prélèvement veineux par voie endo en vue d un pontage / Endoscopic vein harvesting for artery bypass grafting
La formation infirmière en chirurgie vasculaire : les offres / Nursing training in vascular surgery: training opportunities


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